Can anyone suggest...

...a place where I might promote this project, in the hope of getting some more followers?

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I don't know any such places, unfortunately, except going to twitter or reddit and posting there.

What I very quickly discovered when I tried my hand at this is that it's relatively easy to reach people, but not people who care, and even among the people who care, only a very small portion will interact in the way of follows, likes, retweets, telling people about your game, offering feedback etc.

So, my advice is to just keep working on this regardless of the interest people show.

Since I'm here I'm going to tell you, I don't have much free time lately, but I do try to run every new version you publish. However, it doesn't run lately. I heard that error I get is about cookie settings, but I have never touched those and it happens with all sugarcube (if you made this with sugarcube) games made with the lastest twine versions here on itch. Harlowe stuff runs just fine, so I'm guessing it's something about the latest sugarcube version.

Can you maybe try putting the html file into the download section, so I can run it directly from my laptop? I vaguely remember someone suggesting something along the lines of this when I googled the error. It wasn't about a twine game I think, so I don't know if it'll work. If it does work, I'd let you know as soon as I can.

Thanks. I'll put the file as a download.

What browser are you running the existing version in? I have found that there were some errors I got in Firefox that I didn't get in Brave.

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I'm using Chrome.

Edit: Just tried the download. It indeed works. I'll come back once I have more free time.

Thanks again.